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Some irreverent, some irrelevant, some relevant - but always interesting - *Ties


Al Kaff's Raymond Chandler collecting Recently featured in the Winter 2014 issue of "Fine Books and Collections"

LA Observed: A Los Angeles Blog Many blog's about Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory A must see location

The Brewery - ARTWALK - the "Art walk," Twice a year is NOT to be missed!

Lincoln Heights Check out the places to avoid and their take on The Brewery!

History of Lincoln Park One of the original wonderful LA parks

The River Project As in the Los Angeles River - Yes Virginia, there is an LA River

California Big Cities Interesting with lots of good information

Art Deco Apt's WONDERFUL! Pictures of building Chandler saw and all for rent

The ClearviewHwy font Cool if you are into Fonts!

Neighborhoodlink Yes, Los Angeles actually has neighborhoods

California Coastal Records Project Aerial photo survey of the California Coastline

The Nethercutt Collection Wonderful museum devoted to cars and musical instruments

Museum Making Music Not in LA, down the coast but a must see

Da Camera Society Chamber music in historic sites

Cong Village Where The Quiet man was filmed

Cicada (in the Oviatt Building) From The Lady In The Lake

The Ridge Route NOT I-5, the original road

Adventure Hikes and Canyoneeering In The San Gabriel's If you like to hike, a must!

Los Angeles Public Library A wonderful resource for fans of LA

Santa Monica Public Library If you want information about Bay City, the place to go

Redondo Beach Public Library If you want information about Redondo Beach, the place to go

The Electric Railway Historical Association of So. CA All about the Pacific Electric "Red Cars" - Trolley

Hollywood Heritage The Hollywood Heritage web site

The Angeleno Heights Trolley All about the trolley given to the people of Angeleno Heights

Pacific Electric Subway All about a forgotten part of LA History

Historic Echo Park Preservation About preserving historic Echo Park homes

Historic Echo Park History Message Board Echo Park related

California Historical Society Must visit site for all Californians

Los Angeles Past, Present and Future The Los Angeles Past, Present and Future Project at USC

Los Angeles and the Problem of Urban Historical Knowledge Interesting urban history site at USC

Edendale Silent Film All about the start of the Hollywood studios

Mabel Normand Excellent site devoted to Silent Screen Star Mabel Normand

Mack Sennett & Company All about Mack Sennett's studio in Edendale

Movie Making Locations Excellent site listing all the studio locations

Say "NO" to Stucco Excellent anti Stucco site

Silver Lake Web Site All about Silver Lake, or Grey Lake to Chandler fans

Delmar Watson Images Child star Delmar Watson

A Visit to Old Los Angeles and Environs Historical tour of old LA via vintage post cards

Las Angelitas del Pueblo The docents of El Pueblo de Los Angeles web site

1st Motion Picture Unit My uncle was stationed there during WWII

Story of Clifton's Cafeterias Only one Clifton's left in downtown LA - the back story

LA County Badge History Great site!

LAPhotos.com Photos, books and posters from Los Angeles and Southern California

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles All about LA's Art Deco scene

LA Conservancy Tours Tours of LA by, and for, the people trying to preserve LA

you-are-here Written up in the 04/11/07 LA Times Column One -- Must see!

A directory of places to eat and things to see & do in Los Angeles County A human edited directory of places to eat and things to see and do in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles History of Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Buildings A History of LA Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Buildings

Villa de Leon The house on the hill people think is the Getty

Roger Young Village via Memories of Griffith Park

Roger Young Village From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Take My Mother*Please®! Individualized custom tours of Los Angeles

"Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang" like it says, a Glossary of Hardboiled Slang

Wikipedi Raymond Chandler in Wikipedia

Vintage/Blacklizard Chandler page Publishers page on Chandler

Marlowe About Philip Marlowe

Shamus, A tribute to Philip Marlowe A tribute but seems dormant and unfinished

Authors and Creators - Raymond Chandler Lots of commercial links and good info

Raymond Chandler Biography Sparse rehash of information found elsewhere

David's Raymond Chandler Page One page. Above comment applies. Nice graphics

YARC (Yet Another Raymond Chandler) Page Yup, YARC page and just as useful as the two links above

The Raymond Chandler Web SIte The grand daddy of RC sites. Good stuff but not updated since 2003

Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles Commercial page pitching "Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles" by Elizabeth Ward and Alain Silver with just four (count 'em) 4 pictures and a few quotes

Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles: In A Lonely Place Bus Adventures into the secret heart of Los Angeles

BlackHat Mystery Bookstore Raymond Chandler pages Great commercial site with 500 pages devoted to various author's and their works in print and video

detnovel.com Raymond Chandler page An English Professor's take on Chandler


  * A bond signifying union or unity; a tie, hence a web link

  © 2014 Loren Latker


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