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  About this photo

This "photo art" is a composite created in Adobe Photoshop CS. What that means is this: Shamus Town is made up of 21 different layers. Eight (8) of those layers are different photographs. Two are historical: a postcard from the 1920s showing Hollywood and Vine from Argile. It was damaged and yellowed with age, which actually added to the total look and feel. The other is a photo of the intersection of Hollywood and Vine on August 15, 1945 - VJ Day (Victory in Japan Day, the end of WWII for those not around then).

As it happens, I was in that intersection on that day. Just three years and 17 days old, my parents put me on the package shelf of my father's 1930 something black Plymouth Coupe and drove down Hollywood Boulevard. It is one of my earliest recollections -- the confetti floating down from the windows of the Taft and Equitable Buildings, perhaps the Broadway Hollywood Building as well.

The other photos layers are ones I made of Hollywood Boulevard in 2005.

The other layers add different effects, like blending, boosting the saturation, masking and altering the colors.

By the way, 20 8x10 photos of this photo-art, Titled "Hollywood Then And Now," were sold to Malibu Global Awareness board members, raising $2000 for Doctors Without Borders. Three 17x10 prints were sold at auction at the June 2006 MGA fund raiser at Cindy Landon's estate in Malibu, raising more money for Doctors Without Borders.



      © 2007 Loren Latker


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