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Locations associated with Raymond Chandler

Vendome Ave home where Chandler once lived  


Places where Chandler lived

Follow the link above to a page listing all the locations in Los Angeles and Southern California where Chandler lived between 1912 and 1959.


Gambling Ship  


Locations Chandler wrote about

Billy Wilder said: "Also I must say that Chandler’s great strength was a descriptive one. There are very few people who can get the flavor of California. It’s very peculiar, you know, that the only person who caught the Californian atmosphere is prose was an Englishman – Chandler." Follow the link above to the Chandler Mystery Map to find the places in Los Angeles that appeared in his fiction.


Early 1900s view of California Incline, Santa MonicaLooking North along the California Incline, Santa Monica's Linda Vista Park (now Palisades Park), toward the Port Los Angeles Pier, circa 1913.



Highways & Byways Chandler rambled

Follow the link above to a page of street and highway images of Los Angeles and Southern California from 1918 or so, until the early 1950s. By the time Chandler was fired from his VP position he had lived in Los Angeles for 21 years, in many different neighborhoods. In the 1930s, while teaching himself to write pulp detective fiction, he rambled the streets and highways of Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to get 78 vintage Foster & Kleiser images of those streets and highways. So here they are, with other street images. This is the Los Angeles Raymond Chandler saw as he drove our streets and highways.

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